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It is stated beforehand, that, prior to the access to specific information and contents, the user.should subscribe as such in the place mentioned to this effect by KAI SOLUTIONS, Ltd. Therefore, existing the use of personel data, KAI SOLUTIONS, Ltd.has prepared this note in order to inform the users of their rights and obligations.

KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd., owner of KAImarineservices.com is fully familiar with the treatment of personal data and the responsibilities involved, therefore the use of them will be legal and accepted at any moment by the user.

KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd.informs their users that the entrance or subscription to determinated services of their web is free and voluntary. For such a subscription, KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd. requires the complementation of a form which has to be filled in with specific personal data of the users. Said data will be confidental and computerizised by qualified personnel of KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd.and its access will be restricted to those who in capacity of their task need to have access to said information.

The data obtained of the users themselves will be introduced in the automized data base, property of KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd., properly protected in virtue of the data received. The objective is to guarantee the security of the personal data and to avoid by this way any alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the technical status

KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd. informs all users of the possibility, in the event they wish so, to access, rectify, cancel or, if any, to oppose to the personal data in possession of KAI SOLUTIONS Ltd. And in conformity with the before explained policy of privacy by KAImarineservices.com , could exercise their rights by way of e-mail, using the necessary form available in the same web address, indicating the purpose of the message.

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